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            january 25, 2020

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Beijing tells Cathay to ban protesting staff from China flights


China's aviation authority ordered Cathay Pacific Airways to remove all employees involved in the protests in Hong Kong from flights to the mainland, reports the Wall Street Journal.
The order came amid a mounting online backlash in China against the Hong Kong-based carrier, which is widely perceived there to have been too supportive of the demonstrations that have roiled the city for the last two months in a challenge to Beijing's authority, something the airline has publicly denied.
In what would be China's most significant move yet against a large corporation over the deepening unrest, the Civil Aviation Administration of China told the carrier that starting Saturday "All personnel involved in and supporting illegal demonstrations, violent attacks and overly aggressive behaviour should immediately cease flying to the mainland or conducting any activities related to air transportation in the mainland."
In addition, it said that crew manifests should be submitted to the Chinese authorities for approval ahead of mainland-bound flights as of Sunday, and that the airline should inform the authority of its "measures to strengthen internal control and improve flight safety and security" by Thursday.

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