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            september 22, 2019

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Vectron – the vehicle concept


Siemens Mobility's Vectron locomotives are used for both freight and passenger service. During the development of the locomotive, the focus was on providing a future-proof design, investment security, environmental compatibility, fungibility, retrofitting capability and convertibility. The Vectron can be delivered as a purely electrical version for operating with alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) power systems as well as a multisystem (MS) variant in the power classes 5.2 MW, 5.6 MW and 6.4 MW. Along with the desired national train control system, the locomotives can also be equipped with the latest European Train Control System (ETCS). The locomotives are built in the Siemens Mobility plant in Munich-Allach, Germany. The first Vectron was delivered in 2012. Siemens Mobility has sold over 800 Vectrons to date to a total of 42 customers. The Vectron fleet has accumulated more than 175 million kilometers of service so far. The locomotives are currently certified for operation in 18 countries. For freight transport in Germany, Siemens Mobility also offers the Smartron standard locomotive and the Vectron Dual Mode, a combination of diesel and electric locomotive.

Figures of a success story
Vectron locomotives have accumulated more than 210 million kilometers of service in 18 countries throughout Europe since 2010. And the Vectron family is still growing. Its consistent alignment with traffic requirements in cross-border transport make Vectron a success story with a future.

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