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            january 27, 2020

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SIL 2020

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LKW Walter
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Deutsche Bahn orders Liebherr's HVAC retrofit kits


Due to the successful implementation of the energy optimization in the double-deck coaches of the 2003 series, Deutsche Bahn AG has decided to improve the efficiency of its 2010 double-deck coaches. Deutsche Bahn has therefore signed an agreement with Liebherr-Transportation Systems for 1,704 retrofit kits, which bundle the volumes of long-distance and regional transport. Liebherr will supply the occupancy-dependent fresh air control for all types of coaches of the 2010 series. Deutsche Bahn and Liebherr-Transportation Systems will implement the energy optimization measure by the end of 2022.
The Liebherr sensors measure the CO2 in the passenger compartments and thus regulate the fresh air supply in the individual passenger compartments. The occupancy-dependent supply of fresh air thus ensures greater passenger comfort, requires less energy and contributes to improving the cost-effectiveness of the double-deck coaches for the operator.

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