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            november 13, 2019

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FESCO launches faster car-carrier train service from China to Russia


Russia's major public transportation and logistics company FESCO Transportation Group (FESCO) is launching a container train service for car transportation from Chongqing (China) to Kaluga region in western Russia through Mongolia, according to Shipping Gazette.
The route goes through the border crossings in Erlian/Zamyn-Uud/ Naushki and delivery to the client's warehouse in Moscow region is performed with car transporters.
FESCO said the service will be provided 2-4 times a month depending on clients' needs. The new service, mainly focussing on transporting cars manufactured in China, will have a capacity to move between 200 and 400 TEU each month.
The first train with fifty FEU, loaded with 150 cars, arrived at Vorotynsk station (Kaluga region) on October 6. The total time taken was 17 days, which is 2.5 times faster than using the route through the Suez Canal.
"FESCO has great experience in transporting containerised imported cars and semi-knocked-down (SKD) kits for assembling cars in Russia, particularly at the Great Wall factory in Tula region in western Russia," the company said.

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