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            november 13, 2019

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Iberia Airlines fined US$181,969


Spain's Iberia Airlines has landed a fine of GBP142,397 (US$181,969) for breaching animal welfare guidelines for transporting animals by air into London Heathrow airport. The fine is the largest to be imposed in the UK for such offences.
The airline was prosecuted by the City of London Corporation, the operator of the UK's Live Animal Border Inspection Post (BIP) at Heathrow airport, following an investigation into the deaths last year of a number of capybaras, the world's largest rodent that are native to South America, reported London's Air Cargo News.
The City of London Corporation's chair Jeremy Simons of the Port Heath & Environmental Services Committee was quoted as saying: "We have a duty to protect the health and welfare of animals that come into the UK via Heathrow. This includes ensuring they are transported in line with International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements."
This January, the airline was also found to have transported a dog in a container that was smaller than required by international regulations.

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