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            november 18, 2019

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ViaEurope opens 2nd platform for e-logistics to serve e-commerce at Liege airport


E-logistics tech start-up headquartered at Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) airport, ViaEurope, has opened a new e-hub at Belgium's Liege airport.
The Liege e-hub is "100 per cent dedicated to cross border e-commerce," said ViaEurope in a statement, reported London's Air Cargo News.
ViaEurope chief executive BJ Streefland said: "Cross border e-commerce is growing rapidly, with millions of parcels entering the European Union (EU) from China and the US every day.
"To create, from this tsunami of parcels, a seamless cross border experience for the consumer, technology will be key. Operating smart e-hubs will be even more crucial in the e-commerce logistics supply chain considering the up-coming EU regulation whereby the VAT thresholds (de minimis) will be removed and each B2C parcel will have to be Customs cleared."
ViaEurope said that it aims to "create and maximise synergies" between the two e-hubs in a push to ease the flow of parcels for both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B2C (business to business to consumer).
"With BeGate, similar to the VENUE in The Netherlands - which stands for simplified declaration e-Commerce - B2C parcels can be pre-cleared in bulk ensuring seamless processing," said Mr Streefland. "Also, the favourable fiscal climate makes the two hubs a great entry point for parcels coming from China and the US."
Mr Streefland said that having two e-hubs at e-commerce friendly airports makes ViaEurope a "unique partner" for international players, especially if there is a 'hard Brexit' when the UK leaves the European Union.
"Trying to get e-commerce freight through our borders will then become a massive administrative nightmare for whoever is using London as a hub today," he added.

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