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            november 20, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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GAC offers airport to reception centre 'PetCare' transportation service


GAC UK has commenced a new service, PetCare by ECS Group, to fly pets by air to and from the United Kingdom. The company manages the entire transportation chain from airport arrival to pick up at the reception centres.
The owners are allowed to travel on the same flight with their pets in a heat-controlled environment. The company also advises customers on the documentation required for the country they are travelling to, in line with International Air Transport Association's (IATA) live animal regulations.
The company also brings the pets of members of the UK armed forces back home when they are redeployed. In addition, GAC brings in cats and dogs that are being adopted from charities mainly based in Cyprus on a daily basis.
"With this product, it feels like we are really doing something positive," said Globe Air Cargo (GAC) UK managing director Michelle House, reported FreightWeek, London.
Ms House added: "As the general sales agent (GSA) for the airlines we represent, we have preferential access to capacity, and we have a closer relationship with the airlines and the appointed handling agents.
"The ECS Group in-house tracking system, PATHFINDER, shows us live flight departure times and we can also check where the pet is in real time. It also means that when an airline changes the aircraft (to one without hold heat), we can move the booking to an aircraft that does."

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