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            november 13, 2019

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DB Schenker introduces new logistics center with 38,000 sqm of storage space


GVZ Augsburg is one of the most efficient freight transport centers in Germany. It creates a strategically-important location factor for the region of Augsburg / Bavarian Swabia, and is situated at a central location between Ulm and Munich, representing a busy regional hub for national and international freight transport. At a celebratory opening event on October 8, DB Schenker presented a new, state-of-the-art logistics hall, with a total storage area of 38,000 sqm. The logistics service provider serves internationally active companies, such as the robotics manufacturer KUKA and the MediaShop Group, which are of great importance to Augsburg.
DB Schenker is one of the logistics services providers that have done a great deal for the development of this area since the opening of the GVZ around ten years ago. Including the new warehouse recently put into operation, DB Schenker now has a commercial space for contract logistics of 78,000 sqm. In the Augsburg region, DB Schenker operates multiple locations for various logistics businesses, with a combined commercial space of 140,000 sqm.

Prominence in Politics and Business
Given the economic importance of DB Schenker’s expansion of the location, several prominent politicians and business representatives attended the opening event as guests and speakers.
On behalf of Schenker Deutschland AG, CEO Karl-Heinz Emberger welcomed the guests, and emphasized the importance of the new location at GVZ Augsburg: “DB Schenker’s growing commitment at the Augsburg location represents an extremely successful win-win situation to all those involved. As a globally-positioned logistics company, we provide the economy with an integrated logistical network that is essential for the competitiveness of both industry and commerce.” Karl-Heinz Emberger thanked all those involved for their commitment to implementation, especially the political leaders who set the framework for GVZ’s success story.
At the opening ceremony, Ralf Schmidtmann, Managing Director of GVZ Entwicklungs GmbH, presented the development of GVZ Augsburg and looked to the future: Where GVZ and the logistics region Augsburg will stand in 5 to 10 years.
Additional representatives from business and politics, alongside customers of DB Schenker, spoke in subsequent discussion forums. These included Klaus König, CEO of KUKA Robotics.
He emphasized the importance of the cooperation with DB Schenker in GVZ Augsburg for KUKA’s business development: “Our central warehouse, set up at DB Schenker, gains strategic importance as a hub in the supply chain. The excellent transport connections, modern warehouse technology, and DB Schenker as a global partner, enable KUKA to reliably receive goods, as well as optimally store and ship goods to the world.”
Phillip Nachbaur represented the MediaShop Group as CEO: “Due to our strong growth, a merger of locations into a central warehouse was essential for the DACH region. This was tied to high expectations, such as faster processes, as well as greater transparency and quality. DB Schenker fulfilled our expectations in Augsburg, and they did not shy away from constantly questioning and optimizing them.”

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