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            december 13, 2019

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Canada's Oceans Protection needs improvement


The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia has expressed disappointment in Canada's Oceans Protection Plan (OPP) as it relates to commercial shipping.
"Commercial marine shipping in Canada remains negatively impacted by an overly complex regulatory and administrative framework managed by multiple federal departments and agencies with competing jurisdictional controls," said the chamber's statement.
There has been little intent to connect OPP programmes with supply chain efficiency and productivity, missing an opportunity to align the plan with trade objectives," said the chamber.
"Notwithstanding these weaknesses, the OPP has made strides in infrastructure that will increase safety in coastal waters, such as increased coastal radar coverage," said the chamber's statement.
"It is now appropriate to optimise the effectiveness of the supply chain. Protecting Canada's coasts must include efficient and productive ports and marine transportation corridors that maximise safety and efficiency."
Specifically, the chamber wants Ottawa to eliminate the multiple and inconsistent marine safety frameworks for evaluating and mitigating risk from commercial marine shipping, reported Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide.
It also wants more funding and the allocation of departmental resources to collect and disseminate supply chain data, and assess, benchmark, and resolve inefficiencies in Canadian ports.
The chamber recommends increasing resources and technical expertise to better evaluate and develop environmental regulations necessary to address climate change while balancing the requirements of trade and competitiveness.
It also seeks to eliminate the duplication of reporting and establishing a single window for reporting marine conveyance data to enhance situational awareness throughout the federal departments.

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