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            december 10, 2019

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Project enters its approval phase


Norway's Havyard Group has announced that its project to deliver the largest available fuel cell system to run on hydrogen has entered its approval phase, reports London's Vessel Performance Optimisation (VPO).
The Havyard Design & Solutions and Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) has signed agreements with providers of hydrogen tanks and fuel cells, including Linde Engineering as tank supplier and PowerCell Sweden AB as supplier of fuel cells.
The project manager for the Havyard Group's FreeCO2ast project, Kristian Osnes, says Linde is a significant player in the market for designing and manufacturing equipment for cryogenic gases.
"We believe they are the right partner for finding solutions that will ensure safe storage and control barriers for cryogenic hydrogen onboard ships. The regulations for these solutions have not yet been developed, and we are pleased to have Linde onboard when entering the approval process, which we expect to be very challenging," said Mr Osnes.

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