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            january 20, 2020

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Stadler wins first maintenance contract in the United States


Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) awarded Stadler US Inc. a maintenance contract to maintain both the FLIRT vehicles and the Equipment Maintenance Facility (EMF) for a 15-year service period. This is in addition to the contract previously awarded in June 2019, to build the FLIRT vehicles and design the EMF facility. The vehicles and EMF are to operate DART’s Cotton Belt Regional Rail Silver Line Project. For Stadler, this is the first maintenance contract in the United States.  
The DART Board of Directors approved a 112 million US dollar contract to Stadler, which includes vehicle maintenance over a 15-year service period of the previously awarded eight DMU FLIRT vehicles, as well as EMF maintenance services, and two options to modify the vehicles to add luggage racks, bicycle stands, and wheel skirts. With the maintenance contract for these vehicles and the EMF, Stadler enters the Maintenance Services sector in the US for the first time.  
This is the last piece of an overall package to provide turnkey vehicles and maintenance services to DART. DART had the foresight to include the vehicles, the design of the EMF in Irving, TX and now maintenance services together in one contract, to ensure that each piece is fully integrated and costs are adjusted to provide the most value to DART. The vehicles and EMF are to operate DART’s Cotton Belt Regional Rail Silver Line Project. 
«Stadler has been a trusted partner and advisor as we develop the future 26-mile DART Silver Line project», said Tim McKay, DART EVP, Growth/ Regional Development. «Stadler and DART share a focus on innovation and quality that ensures our customers will have a safe and dependable ride.» 
Martin Ritter, CEO of Stadler US, said, «This is an important step for the future of Stadler in the US. Not only are we looking forward to continuing this partnership with DART, but we are also confident that we can provide cutting-edge technology, paired with excellent service to DART’s customers together.» 
Jürg Gygax, Executive Vice President Division Service, said, «Stadler is looking forward to this 15-year partnership with DART and will ensure the highest availability from day 1. For the Stadler maintenance division this is a very important milestone, to win this contract in the United States. We see this as an excellent base for future growth in the US.»

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