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            october 18, 2019

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Busworld 2019


LKW Walter

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LKW Walter
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Doorless cargo container


Entrepreneur and business innovator Garry Whyte, announced the unveiling of CakeBoxx, developer of the world's first doorless intermodal cargo container at the world's leading container tradeshow, Intermodal, on December 5, 2006 in Hamburg, Germany. In making the announcement, CakeBoxx indicated that the company would immediately accelerate the execution of its strategy to build the first CakeBoxx intermodal cargo containers.

According to a recent study conducted by the RAND Corporation, only 5% of containers entering the U.S. are scanned or X-rayed and only 5% of those are then inspected by hand. As a result, the current global cargo container system is one of the biggest security vulnerabilities facing ports and supply chains across the world.

With its patent-pending, revolutionary doorless design, the Cakeboxx container will be the world's first intermodal container set to tackle one of the biggest security threats facing global economies, which have grown dependent on overseas trade through the current global containerized transportation system.

CakeBoxx's doorless intermodal cargo container reduces significant terrorism risks presently facing the containerized global supply chain at ports, distribution centers, manufacturers and retailers. Once a CakeBoxx container is closed, nothing will get out?— or in?— whether the container is onboard a ship, in a stack of containers at the port, or on a railcar or truck, as the interior of a CakeBoxx cannot be accessed without specialized container handling equipment.

However, during customs or security screenings, the cargo inside a CakeBoxx container can be easily accessed?— and quickly and fully inspected?— by authorized personnel using commonly available container handling equipment.

"Approximately 90% of global trade is shipped via intermodal cargo containers, and any disruption of the steady flow of container transport would have a devastating impact on international economies," said CakeBoxx LLC founder Garry Whyte. "Our CakeBoxx doorless cargo container will not only dramatically improve port security, but it will also greatly reduce the opportunity for theft, vandalism and smuggling, ultimately helping global companies improve efficiency and tackle some of the most serious issues facing cargo shipping worldwide."

To design and manufacture the most efficient and safe cargo container on the market, founder Garry Whyte has partnered with seasoned experts in maritime security, cargo container design and production, and international shipping and distribution. CakeBoxx is led by an experienced team of business leaders and entrepreneurs which includes: the company's founder, Garry Whyte, who has worked closely with the CEOs of large international companies dependent on the global supply chain for their day-to-day operations, and developed CakeBoxx as a direct response to concerns regarding serious security flaws in the current container design; Jeff Strickler, the company's COO, who brings over 20 years of work with high growth companies, with particular emphasis on finance, operations and strategic acquisitions and integration; and Thorsten Hoins, vice president of marketing, who contributes two decades of experience in traditional and alternative marketing strategies. Additionally, CakeBoxx's advisors include: Michael Jordan, CEO of Liftech Consultants Inc., one of the designers of the first shipside container crane and hundreds of container cranes since then; U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Joe Carnevale (retired), with over 20 years experience in defense procurement, acquisitions and marine systems; and Gary Cardwell, divisional vice president of Northwest Container Services, the Pacific Northwest's full-service logistics provider.

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