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            august 19, 2019

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CILF 2019


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Vehicles with work experience


The sales representatives Sandis Shablis and Aleksey Koshevatskiy
According to statistics of the company and the Road Traffic Safety Directorate of Latvian ministry of transport, Volvo Truck Latvia holds stable positions in the Latvian truck sales market among representatives of leading European producers of commercial vehicles. Thus, in the first half of this year, 79 new and approximately the same amount of used Volvo trucks were sold.

According to statistics of the company and the Road Traffic Safety Directorate of Latvian ministry of transport, Volvo Truck Latvia holds stable positions in the Latvian truck sales market among representatives of leading European producers of commercial vehicles. Thus, in the first half of this year, 79 new and approximately the same amount of used Volvo trucks were sold. The sales representatives Sandis Shablis and Aleksey Koshevatskiy tell who purchase used vehicles and why, and what is the policy of Volvo Truck Latvia on those vehicles.

Selling to buy

In Latvia the possibility to use a second hand vehicle as an advance payment for buying a new one was introduced only in late 90-s when Volvo Truck Latvia pioneered this kind of service for its clients. This marked the beginning of the second hand sales division of Volvo Truck Latvia. «Starting from 1999, this kind of activity shaped into an independent business, – says Sandis Shablis, – as well as secured the opportunity for the Latvian road transportation companies to renovate their vehicle stock. Moreover, a used truck produced by any western manufacturer can be used as a deposit». A deposited vehicle would have higher value provided that it has been serviced just in Volvo technical centre. This is a clear advantage to owners allowing to reduce residual costs for buying a new truck. Currently, they have their own policy of vehicle purchasing in every company. Largely, the state of a vehicle stock changes depending to requirements that secure access to transportation permits and CEMT authorisations. At present, CEMT authorisations may be only acquired for Euro3 vehicles, and you can get those, second hand, from Volvo Truck Latvia. The Euro2 vehicles of 1998–99 with a small run are very popular because one can benefit form haulage authorisation system.

The test with partiality!

«The beginning was not easy. Everything had to be developed from scratch, – recalls Volvo Truck Latvia sales representative Aleksey Koshevatskiy. – The scheme of business related to trade in used road vehicles is not limited to delivery, sales, and making profit on it. The key issue is to find out needs of your clients and meet their requirements.» Which are responsibilities of the staff engaged in used vehicles sales in Volvo Truck? They need to deal with repurchase, sales, customs procedures, registration, etc. However, the most important job is to accept a vehicle, to examine it, to make a trouble-shooting, to determine all drawbacks, to reveal hidden defects which can be in every vehicle, to consult mechanical engineers in respect to the technical state of a truck. «If the client shows an intention to renovate the vehicle stock using an opportunity to cover a part of costs by depositing a used vehicle (the oldest vehicle we bought was produced in 1985), – continues Aleksey Koshevatskiy, – we discuss the forthcoming bargain with the client, take a photograph of a vehicle, offer a price list current in Latvia and Western Europe and negotiate a sales price. When all contracts are signed, and a new vehicle is being produced, we start preparation for selling the used vehicle used as an advance payment. A used truck could be also used as a deposit for buying a little used vehicle.» The used truck which we buy from our customer, first of all, undergoes examination, both at Road Traffic Safety Directorate and at the Volvo Truck Latvia technical centre. The Engine, the running gear, the fuel system are subjected to scrutinized inspection, since all these systems will matter for a new user of the vehicle. Naturally, the current owner of the truck will be interrogated to determine the actual state of the vehicle. The price at which Volvo Truck Latvia will buy the used vehicle from the customer depends on ruling prices for the same kind of vehicles in the Western market and in Latvia.

Safety guaranteeing service
When a potential buyer chooses a vehicle, he is informed about the test results, the vehicle price, and the eradicated defects. A customer who decides to buy a vehicle that requires maintenance will be offered either to invest more money and have it repaired at Volvo technical centre or buy the truck at a lower cost and have it serviced independently. Which are the benefits of purchasing a vehicle repaired at the service centre? Surely, the cost of assembled spare parts, workload and complexity of implemented repair works, etc. will reflect on a final price. The customer however will be receiving a competently repaired vehicle, guaranteed. According to Sandis Shablis, the future owner will be insured against hidden defects and unexpected faults thereof. Provided that the vehicle was regularly served at Volvo Truck Latvia technical centre, the new client will have all the details on when and for what reason the vehicle was served and maintained. With buying a vehicle at Volvo Truck Latvia one becomes a company client and henceforth favours certain discounts for purchasing spare parts. 140 used trucks were sold last year. This is the biggest amount in Latvia. Only one client had complaints on the condition of a vehicle purchased, the clutch broke after three months of operation. «Of course, sometimes it happens that a defect remains unnoticed or appears while a vehicle has been standing on the sales area while waiting for its buyer. Fortunately these are rather rare cases, and we try to negotiate, – explains Aleksey Koshevatskiy. – In any case we serve the client.» Performance of a new or a used vehicle depends on the way it has been operated by the user. To prolong the vehicle's operational life Volvo Truck Latvia provides for special truck driver training.

Reliability for your business

In Latvia, the used vehicles are purchased mainly by rural enterprises and international and domestic road hauliers. Volvo FH trucks with high cabins make about 80% out of the all sold used vehicles. The demand for some vehicle models is of seasonal nature, i.e. all timber trucks, including those delivered from Sweden and Finland, are usually purchased in autumn and in the beginning of winter. Last winter, there were days when several people were coming simultaneously to inquire about timber trucks. Local entrepreneurs purchase vehicles with isothermal and tent bodies, that when necessary, can be delivered from Volvo dealers located in other European countries. Totally, the Volvo Truck Latvia has sold about 80 used vehicles this year, including those little-used vehicles with a Euro3 engine, often with full warranty. Vehicles like that mainly come from those companies which are very particular changing their field of activity. «Among our clients are those purchasing used vehicles on a permanent basis, such as Ivnieks that works primarily with Russia, – says Aleksey Koshevatskiy. - We provided them with used vehicles on a yearly rental basis with the right to purchase, however they have strengthened so much recently that started to use lease agreements. And though earlier they purchased ten-years-old Volvo F12, now they can purchase four-five years old vehicles. Regularly, for several years, company UMIT has been purchasing the used vehicles of 1998-99 production years. This is one of those companies who know from the very start what they are looking for, therefore it usually takes no more than two weeks to have a deal done.» The intense trade in vehicles, including the used ones, is surely promoted by the reputation that Volvo Truck Latvia has gained thanks to is activities. Customers prefer to purchase Volvo also for the reason of certainty, because they will not face problems with servicing! A more detailed information about the offers for used vehicles in Latvia you can acquire on the company website www.volvotruck.lv and also from weekly and monthly special publication, including the magazine Transport Trade Herald.

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