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            october 23, 2019

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Busworld 2019

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LKW Walter
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RFID and ANFAC conferences multiply the knowledge offer


The knowledge, interaction and debate of the International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition will be the most complete of all the editions held until now.

A part from the traditional International Symposium (10th edition) and Mediterranean Logistics & Transport Forum (5th edition), the Exhibition adds this year two current topics that have lead up to 10 the technical conferences where the logistics professional community will have the opportunity to widen their training.
The first of these novelties goes hand in hand with the last revolution within the logistics field: the RFID Technology (Identification by Radiofrequency). Lately, a great number of industrial sectors have begun to implement traceability and control systems of their products through this new technology, which basically consists of adding an electronic label (tag) within the product, and have constant and instantly information at disposal.
The RFID Conference, named Seminars RFID-MED, will be held on Wednesday 6th of June and will study in depth the profits that the new technology brings into the supply chain management. The speakers will be members of the boards that have already experienced with RFID in their processes of manufacturing and distribution. That way, the members of the congress that will be attending the Conference will explain first-hand cases and true results of RFID use, and the return obtained by the investment of its implementation will be able to be contrasted. To give a practical vision to this seminar, SIL 2007 will organize a specific area of stands where there will be exhibiting companies with offer of RFID services and products.
On the other hand, the 1st ANFAC Conference is structured under the heading Logistics as a competitivity factor within the Automotive Sector. Organized together with the Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Automóviles y Camiones (National Association of Vehicles and Trucks Manufacturers), the seminar will be held the 5th of June, and tries to look for best training in freight goods management in an intensive flow of materials as it is the Automation.
The provisional programme of the ANFAC Conference comprises cases on The company point of view and on? What is the EU doing to improve the transport of freight goods? There will also be a Round Table on great infrastructures.

A complete offer
With the two congresses mentioned above, the offer of SIL 2007 Special Events is summarized in the table below:
•SIL 2007 Opening 5th June
•10th International Symposium SIL – Cinco Días 6th June
•5th Mediterranean Logistics & Transport Forum 5th & 6th June
•Business Meetings 5th & 6th June
•CIDEM Conference 5th June
•1st ANFAC Conference New! 5th June
•Conference on Free Zones and Bonded Warehouses 6th June
•Seminars RFID-MED New!  6th June
•Railway Conference 7th June
•7th Ports Logistics Conference 7th June
•?2nd Material Handling and Warehouses Conference? 7th June

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