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            december 09, 2019

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ECMT and IRU promote improved taxi accessibility


Public and private stakeholders agree on a realistic approach to enhance accessibility
of taxi services for disabled passengers.
Brussels – The European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) have just finalised their joint report entitled “Improving Access to Taxis”.
Following the 2001 joint report by the ECMT and the IRU on the “Economic Aspects of Taxi Accessibility”, this new ECMT-IRU report on “Improving Access to Taxis” focuses on how improving the design of taxi vehicles can benefit both users and businesses.
ECMT Secretary General, Jack Short, stated, “For the first time, a study regarding taxi accessibility brings together the perspectives of the full range of public and private stakeholders, including customers. It provides solutions to cope with the increasing need for mobility of more than 45 million disabled people across Europe”.
Based on user needs, the report explores medium to long-term options available to vehicle manufacturers and converters. It identifies how operators can contribute to ensuring accessibility of taxi services through improved training in interacting with disabled clients. It proposes solutions for governments to promote improvements in
vehicle design and infrastructure.
IRU President, Paul Laeremans, said, “Taxis have become an essential player in the mobility chain with many people relying on their services for their mobility needs. This close cooperation between the IRU and the ECMT has allowed public and private stakeholders to demonstrate their strong commitment to improve access to taxis, and to ‘work together for a better future’.”

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