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            october 21, 2019

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Hanjin Shipping approves dividends for eight years in a row


Hanjin Shipping approved a 20% par value cash dividend at the 69th annual meeting of shareholders held at its Seoul headquarters on the 16th of March, 2007.
The meeting also approved the 2006 financial statements recording KRW 6.05 trillion in revenue, KRW 149.1 billion in operating income, and KRW 623.8 trillion in ordinary income. President & CEO J.W. Park among other executives and nearly 300 shareholders were present.   
Benefiting from the company's shareholder-oriented management policy, Hanjin Shipping shareholders have enjoyed cash dividends eight years in a row since 1999, and a 20% par value cash dividends in three years running. 
"Our business goal for 2007 is to earn USD 6.95 billion with USD 268 million in operating income.  We will make the 2007 the year that sets the foundation for becoming a premier global logistics company", said Park in his welcoming speech.  
"Hanjin shipping will remain committed to shareholder-focused management.  We owe all that we are today to the unshakable support of our shareholders.  We understand this trust from shareholders cannot be gained overnight.  Our paramount job is to make Hanjin Shipping the exceedingly successful company our shareholders deserve", he added. 
Hanjin Shipping aims to meet increasingly diverse customers' demands through customized service, and reducing logistics costs by achieving economy of scale such as fleet usage optimization. Furthermore, the company will secure more solid business portfolio by expanding business in areas such as terminal business, 3 party logistics business, repair business and vessel management business as part of its business diversification while constantly improving its financial portfolio.  
In addition, Hanjin Shipping is committed to completing company-wide PI (Process Innovation) that will help sustain its competitiveness to grow into a premier global logistics company and stabilizing Accountability Management system.

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