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            october 22, 2019

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Concordia Maritime AB announced changes to its board


At the Annual General Meeting of Gothenburg-based Concordia Maritime AB held on 26 April, 2007, Dan Sten Olsson was re-elected as Chairman of the Board together with Per Bjurström, Bert Åke Eriksson, C. Mikael von Mentzer (Vice Chairman), Morten Chr. Mo and Mats Jansson, who were also re-elected as board members, and Stefan
Brocker was elected as a new member of the board in accordance with the proposal
presented by the nomination committee.  
The meeting approved total fees of SEK 1,575,000 to be paid to the board members elected by the meeting (SEK 350,000 to the chairman and vice chairman and SEK 175,000 to the other board members) as well as fees to the auditors, whose work is invoiced on a current account basis.  
The Meeting also approved the proposal of a dividend of SEK 1 per share. The record day for payment is 2 May and the dividend will be distributed via the Swedish Securities Register Center (VPC AB) on 7 May, 2007.

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