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            january 23, 2020

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SIL 2020

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KLM announces traffic results


Passenger activity
Passenger activity remained robust in November with a 3.5% rise despite the public transport strikes in
France  which  led  to  the  postponement  of  journeys.  The  load  factor  remained  stable  at  78.4%.
Unit revenues excluding the currency impact accelerate their rise. The number of passengers carried rose
2.8% to 5.8 million.
- On the Americas network traffic was up 2.8% with capacity up 5.7%. The load factor remained at the
high level of 81.8% (-2.3 points).
- The Asian network remained dynamic with traffic growth of 5.9% in line with the increase in capacity
(+5.4%). The load factor improved slightly (+0.4 points) to 84.5%.
- On the Africa  and Middle  East  network  traffic  was  up  3.2%  with  capacity  up  3.9%.  The  load factor
declined by 0.5 points to 76.2%.
- On  the  Caribbean  and  Indian Ocean  network  traffic  was  up  1.8%  on  stable  capacity,  leading  to  a
1.4 point rise in load factor to  83.6%.
- The European network saw an increase in traffic of 2.9% on capacity up 1.0%. The load factor gained
1.2 points to 66.9%.

Cargo activity
The  cargo  activity  recorded  a  further  rise  in  traffic  of  3.5%.  With  capacity  up  by  2.6%,  the  load  factor
improved by 0.6 points to 71.4%, thanks to the Asia and Africa and Middle East networks which continued
to see strong levels of activity. The group transported 133,225 tons (+3.2%).

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