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            october 15, 2019

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LKW Walter
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More containers to Port of Södertälje


A drastic increase of container traffic arriving at the Port of Sodertalje is going on. During the first quarter, the container transshipment growth rate made 25% year-on-year.
Ship owners select exactly the Port of Sodertalje as a container terminal in the Stockholm region for a few reasons.
According to Erik Froste, Managing Director for the Port of Sodertalje, “we are very pressed for time. We’ve got just 11 minutes on the average to pick up or ship a container at the terminal. Despite a drastic increase of container number to be handled, we still manage to provide customers with the same high-quality service as before. But the main reason for our growth is our excellent geographical position.”
The other reasons are quite obvious – in particular, the ability to provide for a continuous traffic, a very short time – only 5 minutes - needed to reach E4/E20 and - last but not least – the rail service connecting the port to the main line. These are the factors making the Port of Sodertalje a natural hub of the Stockholm Region. 

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