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            october 16, 2019

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Estonian Transit celebrates its 760th Anniversary


Estonian Transit Industry celebrates its 760th Anniversary on May 2008 with the Annual Transit Conference TRANSESTONIA 2008.
Early Estonian history, the emergence and development of medieval towns was based on geographical advantages and the transit trade. The use of the trading route through the Gulf of Finland livened up during 9th–10th centuries. Port of Tallinn was first mentioned in written in 1154. On 15 May 1248, the Danish King Erik IV bestowed Lubeck Rights on Tallinn, with which Tallinn was merged into the joint legal sphere of German trading towns. This date is considered as a start of organized transit trade in Estonia, and is celebrated as TRANSESTONIA's anniversary. In the end of the thirteenth century Tallinn joined the Hanseatic League and over the next couple of hundred years it played an important role in the relations of the Hanseatic League with Russian, especially Novgorod tradesmen.
The Transit Conference TRANSESTONIA 2008 will focus on the actual today issues and opportunities for the Estonian logistics and transit sector. Conference brings together numerous enterpreneurs, Government officials and members of the Estonian Parlament (Riigikogu). Working languages are Estonian and Russian. For futher information and registration please visit www.transestonia.ee

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