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            october 21, 2019

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In compliance with Green Flag Program 2007


OOCL announced that for the second consecutive year, it has achieved a compliance level of 100% for the Voluntary Vessel Speed Reduction program with the Port of Long Beach’s Green Flag Incentive Program, for the year of 2007. 
The Green Flag program, which rewards ships and vessel operators for voluntarily slowing ship speeds in the harbour to reduce air pollution, achieved its highest rates of compliance ever in 2007, at nearly 90 percent.
Under the Green Flag program, the Port offers discounted dockage fees and environmental awards to vessel operators who achieve compliance rates of 90 percent or better and Green Flags to individual ships that have 100 percent compliance with the program for a year. OOCL donated its dockage rebate fees for 2006 – totaling US$140,000 – back to community projects and charities in Long Beach.
“The 100% compliance with the Green Flag program is one of many initiatives in which OOCL voluntarily participates, in order to reduce air pollution,” said Philip Chow, chief executive officer of OOCL. 
OOCL’s environmental policy states: OOCL recognises that businesses must take responsibility for their industry’s effects on the environment. Our company is dedicated to meeting the needs of the present without compromising those of the future. We encourage sustainable economic development through innovative environmental care measures.

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