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            november 20, 2019

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Second batch of 10 new environment-friendly electrical RTGs


After the first batch of 20 electrical rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) was delivered in 2007, the second batch of 10 environment-friendly electrical RTGs arrived today at the stacking area of Da Chan Bay Terminal One, which is the first container terminal in the world utilizing a full fleet of electrical RTGs. 
These 10 electrical RTGs are of the same model as the first batch, all are produced by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co. Ltd.  To date, Da Chan Bay Terminal One is equipped with 30 electrical RTGs in line with staged development of the Terminal. 
The electrical RTGs in Da Chan Bay Terminal One have many advantages over traditional diesel RTGs.  Firstly, electrical RTGs are driven by electricity in stead of diesel during normal operation, resulting in energy conservation, quieter and cleaner working environment.  Secondly, a power re-generative unit is installed in each electrical RTG to reduce energy dissipation.  Thirdly, electrical RTGs require much less preventive maintenance, resulting in greater reliability and higher productivity.  Lastly, the electrical RTGs are equipped with anti-collision and anti-lifting systems to ensure operational safety. 
With a span of 23.5 metres, the electrical RTGs are one-plus-six wide and one-over-six high, enabling the most appropriate stacking capacity in Da Chan Bay Terminal One.  
When talking about the electrical RTGs, Mr. Andrew Milliken, Chief Executive Officer of Da Chan Bay Terminal One, is proud of the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability: “We make environmental consideration an integral part of the Terminal’s culture and decision-making, and took the initiative to be the first container terminal in the world that uses a full fleet of electrical RTGs.  This initiative is proved to be successful and beneficial in terms of environment-friendliness, productivity and safety.”

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