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            october 18, 2019

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New icebreaker launched


A new diesel-electric icebreaker SANKT-PETERBURG has been launched at the Baltiс Shipyard. The construction is carried out under the survey of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS). This multipurpose icebreaker is designed for piloting of large ships in the Gulf of Finland, towing of ships and floating facilities in ice conditions or clear water, fire-fighting on ships and floating facilities, rescue and salvage operations, deck cargo delivery.
The icebreaker is unique due to its full-revolving electrical azimuth thrusters with fixed pitch four bladed propellers with the diameter of 4.5 m and output capacity of 16 MW.
RS holds the leading position in the development of regulatory requirements for icebreakers and ice ships. The RS requirements for structural strength of ice strengthening cover physically grounded criteria and assessment method for structural strength of ice strengthening. The icebreaker SANKT-PETERBURG has been assigned one of the highest ice category marks - Icebreaker6.
For more than a hundred years RS is engaged in survey of ships operating in ice conditions, consolidation of the service experience, analysis of statistical data on the ice thickness and strength parameters. Several generations of surveyors have contributed to the RS experience enabling to develop safety and environmental protection requirements.

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