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            october 21, 2019

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LKW Walter
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New VDL Bus & Coach branch in South Africa


The VDL Bus & Coach South Africa (Pty) Ltd branch was founded on the 1st June
2008. Sam Mansingh is the Managing Director. Sam’s experience with the bus
market in South Africa stretches over many years and his know-how in this respect
is extensive. VDL Bus & Coach is convinced that, under his expert leadership, the
sale of chassis and spare parts, as well as the after-sales activities of VDL Bus &
Coach will be further expanded and optimised in South Africa.

VDL Bus & Coach in South Africa
VDL Bus & Coach has been highly successful with the TB 2175 chassis in a large
number of African countries for many years. Sales activities in South Africa started in
2005, and the need for a chassis concept with the engine in the front also exists there,
with an emphasis on heavy duty performance, reliability and low exploitation costs. In
brief: the TB 2175. In the meantime, more than 200 chassis have been delivered for the
construction of coaches and of city and regional buses, for both single and articulated
The TB 2175 has been specially developed for the heavy duty export segment. The main
characteristics are the solid components, which guarantee long durability. This durability
is essential for conditions in Africa, which are often very strenuous. By applying the most
recent technologies in combination with our experience of many years in this segment,
VDL Bus & Coach offers a state-of-the-art product. Further adaptations for the South
African market include standard disc brakes, EBS, retarder and the option of a fully- or
semi-automatic gearbox.
In addition to the 2-axle concept, VDL Bus & Coach has developed a special triple axle
model for the South African market, the TBR 2175 model. The chassis is fitted with a 3rd
axle, thereby specifically ensuring compliance with South African legislation, where
buses with a larger transport capacity can be constructed.

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