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            september 18, 2019

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CAAS strengthens efforts


Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive School is new beneficiary under CAAS’ charity adoption programme.
Not forgetting the less fortunate, especially children with special needs, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) officially adopted the Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive School (RCMDS) as the new beneficiary under CAAS’ Charity Adoption Programme for a 2-year period. RCMDS offers special education programmes for children with developmental disabilities such as intellectual, physical, visual and hearing impairments. The launch of this adoption programme with RCMDS was officiated by CAAS’ Director-General and Chief
Executive Officer, Mr Lim Kim Choon.
The adoption programme with RCMDS, together with the ‘CAAS HOPE’ Fund, a charity fund and branding tagline that embodies CAAS’ outlook towards community involvement and social responsibility, gives CAAS and its staff an avenue to contribute to the community. CAAS has been active in seeking new ways
to contribute to the disadvantaged through staff engagement and fund-raising efforts
since 1997.
For the next two years, CAAS will organise various activities to raise funds for RCMDS. These activities include the sale of retro merchandise during our upcoming annual Dinner and Dance which is based on the retro theme, as well as sale of mooncakes, cookies, cupcakes and other merchandise through the year.
Travellers and airport visitors can also do their bit for charity by making contributions at donation boxes that CAAS will be placing at Changi Airport’s terminals. The funds raised will allow RCMDS to better develop their children with special needs through the provision of better facilities, course materials and trained professionals.
Besides fund-raising activities, to enrich the quality of life for the children at RCMDS, CAAS will organise engagement activities that will allow CAAS staff and
the children to bond with one another. Plans in the pipeline include visits to RCMDS, organising field trips for the children and having CAAS staff volunteers help out with the centre’s school events
Speaking at the launch, Mr Lim Kim Choon said, “Over the years, I’m glad to say that we have made a difference in the lives of others - our adoption program with the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore, Katong School and the Singapore Cancer Society, has given us the opportunity to expose our staff to
volunteerism and has allowed us to develop a greater sense of corporate social responsibility towards the less fortunate. Mr Lim added, “The ‘CAAS Hope’ Fund and Charity Adoption Programme will allow us to have a stronger focus in our community involvement efforts and allow us to share that CAAS is an employer who cares,
brings hope and joy to others.”
At the launch ceremony, Mr Lim presented a painting entitled ‘Flights of Freedom & Peace’ to Ms Peggy Song, Principal of RCMDS, in the presence of about 13 children from Rainbow Centre. The painting symbolises how the children of Rainbow Centre, who will learn adaptive learning and pre-vocational skills at RCMDS, to be as independent as possible in the community – a mark of freedom and self-independence.
CAAS first raised funds for charity in 1997 and has since raised about $430,000 for the less fortunate.

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