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            october 21, 2019

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Step in the right direction


In light of the ever growing traffic volume and the imminent toll increase, Hessen's proposals advocating the earmarking of the truck toll for maintenance and upgrading of trunk roads and motorways are pointing in the right direction and should be supported by the other German states. 
The VDIK (Association of Motor Vehicle Importers) has already for a long time been pressing for revenues from road tolls to be used exclusively for road infrastructure improvement. Of course, the extra revenue must not lead to funding from tax revenues being cut back resulting in there being no or only little more money available than before. This fiscal ruse explains why, in spite of high toll revenues, hardly any more money is being invested in road infrastructure today than prior to the introduction of the truck toll. 
Unfortunately, the current and future importance of the various transport modes is still not reflected in a realistic manner. While rail, inland waterways and airfreight are important, their role in goods transport will continue to be only complementary even in the future. It is time to finally draw the consequences and ensure that the competitiveness of the German goods transport industry does not suffer any further damage. "Only a significant increase in the budget for long-distance roads will allow us to catch up with the needs of an ever growing traffic volume, overcome backlogs in road repairs, resolve bottlenecks and traffic jams, and thereby improve road safety, noise abatement and climate protection. Earmarking the truck toll for road infrastructure and stopping the cross-subsidizing of other transport modes from road transport revenues is a decisive step in this direction," declares Dr. Thomas Almeroth, Managing Director of the VDIK.

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