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            september 20, 2019

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LKW Walter
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Fraport First Airport Operator to join IATA’s Cargo 2000 initiative


Fraport AG is the first airport operator to join the Cargo 2000 quality system, an IATA (International Air Transport Association) initiative involving approximately 60 airlines, forwarders, general handling agents and information technology providers – including Frankfurt-based Lufthansa Cargo AG.
Based on agreement of the members, Cargo 2000 is a worldwide uniform quality management system that will measure the quality of the entire transport chain. This is the first time that all partners in the transportation chain – such as airlines, freight forwarders, and handling agents – have agreed upon and committed to the implementation of a unified quality system for all airfreight shipments.
One of the advantages of Cargo 2000 is its use of a Common Data Management Platform (CDMP), which enables individual data elements of the various process partners to be integrated into quality reports. Thus, all partners can access the same quality control data so that internal improvements in processes can be jointly implemented, especially at interfaces linking the partners. The success of implemented measures can be monitored via monthly reports.
A further benefit of CDMP and the standardized measuring logic is the verifiability and thus reliability of the quality control data, through which process improvements will be possible and traceable.
Cargo 2000 offers high transparency of the quality control data for the entire airfreight industry and thus ongoing  service improvements for cargo customers. Furthermore, continuous quality optimization will allow for cost reductions and revenue increases. 
“This initiative opens up possibilities for Fraport as an airport operator and ground-handling provider to apply its extensive know-how actively and to help define standards within the framework of the Cargo 2000 quality management system,” said Fraport executive board chairman Dr. Wilhelm Bender.
Using the know-how of a leading global airport group like Fraport, Cargo 2000 will, in particular, be able to enhance  expertise in ramp transport operations.  Plans call for  Fraport AG, together with Cargo 2000, to strengthen significantly the quality of  processes in this area.

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