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            october 22, 2019

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Höegh re-enters market


The Norwegian vehicle carrier operator, Höegh Autoliners, has made a foray into India’s vehicle export trade recently, when its Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC), Höegh Chennai, loaded 2,450 Hyundai cars for North Europe and 40 Ashok Leyland buses for the Middle East. The loading operations took place at Chennai Port on August 2 and 3.
According to Exim News Service, Höegh has been associated with India since 1937 and its first vessel, Höegh Silverlight, called at the then Calcutta Port on March 11, 1937. Höegh Lines had been operational in India from 1937 to 2000.
The company apparently enjoyed a strong market position and earned a good reputation throughout the 63 years of its presence in the country.
Höegh has now made a comeback with the establishment of an Höegh Autoliners’ representative office in Chennai from June this year.
The focus of interest now is India’s rapidly-growing auto exports and Höegh aims to play a pivotal role in this regard in the years to come. "The inaugural call of Höegh Chennai in Chennai this month is a sign of Höegh Autoliners’ wish to become a preferred service provider for the Indian automotive industry", said the company’s Vice-President, Commercial, Mr Börre Mathisen, who recently visited the state.
Höegh Autoliners is the leading global provider of ro-ro vehicle transportation services. The company operates approximately 70 PCTCs. In 2007, Höegh Autoliners carried about two million Car Equivalent Units (CEUs) annually, making 3,000 port calls.

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