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            october 23, 2019

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Wartsila and Mitsubishi announce new marine engines


Wartsila introduces two new low-speed marine diesel engines at the Wartsila Licensees Conference held this week in Lucerne, Switzerland. The engines are developed in co-operation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd in Japan, taking advantage of the strengths of both companies with these types of engines. This project comes under the strategic alliance between Wartsila and Mitsubishi agreed in September 2005. 
The power range of the new engines is 3500-9000 kW. They have cylinder bores of 350 and 400 mm, and each is available as Wartsila RT-flex electronically-controlled common-rail engines and Wartsila RTA mechanically-controlled engines. Based on the RTA engine designs, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd will develop UEC-LSE series engines. 
The new engines extend the low-speed engine range available from Wartsila to lower powers for many types of small and medium-sized commercial vessels. They are designed to give the best powers and speeds for a wide variety of ship types, such as handysize bulk carriers and product tankers, general cargo vessels, reefers, feeder container ships, and small LPG carriers. The market for the new engines in such vessels is world-wide though there is a greater volume of such newbuildings from shipyards in East Asia, especially China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. 
Designed for future environmental challenge 
The key benefits of the new engines will be in compliance with IMO Tier II emissions regulations, low fuel consumption, low cylinder oil feed rate, high reliability, and long times between overhauls. They will also be able to provide optimum fits to the ships in terms of power, propeller speed, dimensions, weight, and electrical power consumption, as well as being competitive in manufacturing costs. 
Latest common rail-technology 
The Wartsila RT-flex35, Wartsila RTA35 and Mitsubishi UEC35LSE engine types have cylinder dimensions of 350 mm bore by 1550 mm piston stroke, and a maximum continuous power of 870 kW/cylinder at 167 rev/min (see table below). The Wartsila RT-flex40, Wartsila RTA40 and Mitsubishi UEC40LSE have cylinder dimensions of 400 mm bore by 1770 mm piston stroke, and a maximum continuous power of 1135 kW/cylinder at 146 rev/min. All these engine types will be available with five to eight cylinders, so that the RT-flex35, RTA35 and UEC35LSE cover an overall power range of 3475 to 6960 kW at 142-167 rpm, while the RT-flex40, RTA40 and UEC40LSE cover an overall power range of 4550 to 9080 kW at 124-146 rpm. 
The Wartsila RT-flex35 and RT-flex40 engines incorporate the latest common-rail technology with full electronic control of fuel injection and exhaust valve operation. The RTA35, UEC35LSE, RTA40 and UEC40LSE have traditional mechanically-driven camshafts with fuel injection pumps, exhaust valve actuator pumps, etc. Otherwise both versions have the same principal characteristics and design features.
The first 350 mm-bore engine, an RT-flex type, is planned to be delivered in the first quarter 2011. The first of the 400 mm-bore type will follow twelve months later. The Wartsila RT-flex and RTA engines will be manufactured by Wartsila's licensees while the Mitsubishi UEC-LSE engines will be produced by Mitsubishi and its licensees. 
Wartsila Lisensees Conference 
Wartsila's Licensees Conference is being held in Lucerne, Switzerland. Some 70 representatives of the Wartsila family of 17 low-speed engine licensees from eight countries are taking part. They are discussing the further development of Wartsila low-speed two-stroke engines to meet the market needs of ships today and into the future. 

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