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            october 24, 2019

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Wartsila engines to power 12 of the world's largest ore carriers


Wartsila engines will power the world's largest ore carriers, 12 ships which have been contracted by a Brazilian shipowner. This is the biggest order for Wartsila RT-flex82T low-speed engines, which is one of four new engine types introduced by Wartsila.
The RT-flex common-rail technology brings direct benefits to ship owners in terms of great flexibility in engine setting for lower fuel consumption, lower minimum running speeds, smokeless operation at all running speeds, and better control of other exhaust emissions. The RT-flex common-rail technology will also play a key role in meeting the need for tighter emissions control under the forthcoming IMO regulations.
The ore carriers will be built by Rongsheng Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries of China. Each vessel will have a 7-cylinder Wartsila RT-flex82T low-speed engine with a contracted maximum continuous power of 29,400 kW at 76 rpm. The first of the ships is due for delivery in early 2011 and the twelve ships are expected to be completed in 2012. 
The twelve engines will be built by Hefei RongAn Power Machinery Co Ltd (RPM) of Hefei, Anhui, China under licence from Wartsila. 
Both Rongsheng Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries and Hefei RongAn Power Machinery Co Ltd are members of Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Co Ltd (RSHI). The licence agreement between Wartsila and RSHI for the manufacture of Wartsila low-speed engines was announced in March this year.
New engine type
The Wartsila RT-flex82T engine is one of four new engine types introduced by Wartsila, all of 820 mm cylinder bore. It combines the benefits of both the electronically-controlled RT-flex common-rail system and up-to-date parameters to deliver optimum propulsion plants for ships such as these very large ore carriers (VLOC).
Largest dry bulk carriers ever built
The vessels, with each having capacity of 400,000 dwt, will be the largest dry bulk cargo carriers ever built, and will be employed on a shuttle service carrying iron ore to East Asia. The ships will contribute to reducing the cost of long-haul maritime transportation of the iron ore to steelmakers.

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