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            january 28, 2020

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Arkas has achieved a capacity of 29,021 TEU with its 25 vessels


Arkas Holding has added two more vessels to its fleet, M/V CLAIRE A and M/V DIANE A, each capable of carrying 1,604 containers. Arkas took delivery of the two vessels in a ceremony held in Wolgast- Germany, bringing its total number of vessels to 25.
One of the leading companies in the Turkish marine transportation sector, Arkas has increased the number of its vessels bearing the Turkish flag to 25 with the addition of M/V CLAIRE A and M/V DIANE A to its fleet reaching a total capacity of 29,021 TEU. Built in the Peene Werft Shipyard in the German town of Wolgast, these new vessels bring the number of vessels in the Arkas Marine Fleet which were built in this same shipyard to 14.
With the two new vessels it took delivery of, Arkas has increased its contribution of container vessels in the Turkish Marine Fleet to 57 percent. The company will increase the number of vessels in its fleet to 27 with the addition in 2009 of two vessels being built in this same shipyard.
Since it was taken over by the Hegeman Group in 1992, Peene Werft Shipyard has built approximately 50 container ships, 14 of which were constructed for Arkas. The ships that Arkas has received from Peene Werft since 2001 have a capacity of between 1,208 and 1,604 TEU.

Two more new vessels in 2009
Lucien Arkas, Chairman of Arkas Holding, noted how the cooperation that began 10 years ago with Peene Werft Shipyard had over time turned into a friendship.  He said, “All of the vessels that we have had constructed have been of superior quality and performed magnificently. We have not had the slightest problem. In July of 2009, we will take delivery of 2 more vessels  from this shipyard. I want to express my gratitude to the ship engineers and everyone who took part in the construction of these vessels. Peene-Werft Shipyard built for us the largest vessels for which it had the capacity. I foresaw the course of the markets in 2006 and canceled the vessels that I planned to take delivery of in 2010. Depending on how the crisis plays out, if I see light at the end of the tunnel next June, I might place a further order for container vessels from Turkey.”

A growing fleet of vessels that fly the Turkish flag
As with the other 23 vessels in the Arkas fleet, the two latest ships will also carry the Turkish flag. After the vessels make their maiden voyage to Turkey and switch over to the Turkish flag, they will begin service in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.
True to the Arkas tradition, the new vessels were named after Arkas family members. M/V DIANE A and M/V CLAIRE A are named after Arkas Holding  Chairman, Lucien Arkas’ daughters.

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