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            october 24, 2019

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Global TechMasters Trucks


The winners of this year’s Mercedes-Benz Global TechMasters Trucks were honored at the official award ceremony in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart on November 20, 2008. The best Mercedes-Benz workshop team for commercial vehicles in 2008 comes from Sweden. Second place went to the team from Italy, third place to the German competitors. For the first time a woman, Ms. Sati Kose of Turkey, has won the designation of best service advisor world wide. Of the competition’s 12,000 participants from 14 countries worldwide, 70 came to Stuttgart for the final round.
“The Mercedes-Benz Global TechMasters are an incentive for the technicians and service staff at our workshops worldwide to deliver top performance every day and thereby contribute to the brand’s success,” said Hubertus Troska, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “To provide service-oriented, high-quality customer service, you need skilled and motivated employees. Due to our comprehensive range of products and state-of-the-art technologies, it is crucial that we provide our employees with high-quality training and continuing education in order to maintain the competitiveness of our company,” Troska added.
“At Mercedes-Benz our top priority is to provide high-quality service and support. That’s why our workshop processes are guided by the principle of providing the very best in service and support and ensuring customer satisfaction,“ said Dr. Frank Reintjes, Head of the aftersales organization Global Service and Parts, at the award ceremony. “Through their skills and commitment, the participants of the Mercedes-Benz Global TechMasters competition and the rest of our workshop and service employees make a valuable contribution to satisfying our customers worldwide,” explained Reintjes.
“In the competition to win over customers and gain market shares, the quality of the employees’ skills and performance is becoming more and more important. Being well-positioned in this regard is a crucial competitive advantage. Therefor a high-quality service is fundamental for our brand promise “Trucks you can trust,” said Hubertus Troska at the official ceremony. “This is where the best of the best from our workshops prove that they have the qualifications and motivation to become a little better every day,” Troska added.
This year’s event marks the fourth time the group has organized the international competition for technicians and service staff. The Global TechMasters competition helps Mercedes-Benz to improve the qualifications and motivation of aftersales employees, thereby underscoring the brand’s claim to provide top-quality premium products and services by ensuring outstanding performance at workshops worldwide as well. Mercedes-Benz TechMasters enhances the image of dealerships and workshops because it demonstrates their employees ’ passion for delivering top performance rather than just routinely carrying out tasks.
Technicians and service consultants from the 14 participating Mercedes-Benz markets (Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, and Belgium) took part in national competitions, with the winning team from each country going on to the final round in Stuttgart.
On November 19, the Global TechMasters teams were tested on their theoretical and practical skills in the professions defined by the company for the aftersales sector. In addition to their knowledge of aftersales processes, the participants were also tested on the practical skills required for their respective job profiles. As a result of these tests, the world’s best national team was selected from the various winning teams of the individual countries. In addition to determining the overall winning team, the competition honored the best technicians and service consultants in five separate disciplines.
The factors that were evaluated included the interplay within the teams, the correct performance of diagnoses, and the direct communication with customers. The test simulated and evaluated the entire process, ranging from the discussions with the customers when they bring their vehicles to the workshops to the preliminary diagnosis, the repair work, and the subsequent return of the vehicles to the customers. The test was rounded out by general questions concerning the tools, products, and processes in the aftersales business as well as the culture-specific and country-specific behavior of the service consultants in their contacts with customers.
The competition underlines the significance of a high-quality and sustainable continuing education program and highlights the interplay within the heterogeneous teams. The optimal use of the various team members’ skills creates an actively practiced culture of top performance. In addition to taking the test, which was held in twelve different languages, the participants had plenty of opportunities to learn about the intercultural diversity within the group.

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