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            september 21, 2019

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16 Czech Airlines aircrafts already bear the new colours


16 of the 50 aircrafts in the fleet of Czech Airlines already bear the new colours that the national carrier introduced a year ago.  This year alone, ten aircrafts have been sprayed in the new livery during their planned inspections, most recently a Boeing B737-400.  The changes to the visual presentation are only carried out at the time of planned inspections, so that any additional costs of the transition to the airline’s new visual style would be minimised.  At Prague Airport, the new branding is already in evidence on sales points, check-in areas, and gates.  Gradually, all of the sales points in the Czech Republic and abroad are receiving the new look.
The new Czech Airlines design contributes to a more youthful brand image, which better underscores the airline’s modern and dynamic character.  Exactly a year ago, the Airline presented its new logo and new aircraft livery.  The entire Czech Airlines fleet should be in the new colours by 2012; in this year alone, the new design has been placed on ten aircraft.  The coat of an aircraft must be changed regularly, after about five years, so the aircrafts gain new colours over time, as their regular maintenance is scheduled.  Similarly, the Airline is changing its logo on all buildings and sales offices and trade agencies.  As a part of the gradual transition to the new visual style, employees have worn new uniforms since the beginning of 2007.
Changes in appearance are also being gradually introduced at foreign sales offices.  On 1 September, the Bratislava sales office opened up in new colours. Thus far, Czech Airlines’ largest sales point in Prague has undergone a renovation related to the introduction of the airline’s new corporate colours, as well as the sales offices in Brno, Rome, Oslo, Brussels, Rostov-on-Don, and Warsaw.  In the near future, the adaptations of the sales points in Sofia and Kiev are planned, and next year in Karlovy Vary and Zagreb.
The new Czech Airlines design has contributed to a more youthful brand image, which better underscores the airline’s modern and dynamic character.  Furthermore, surveys have shown that the rejuvenated logo with the Czech Airlines name is more understandable for foreign clients, who constitute 80% of the airline’s customers.  They had associated the old version of the logo with the pre-1989 era.  Czech Airlines is far from being the only airline that is taking up a change in its corporate identity.  For example, the American carrier Delta Air Lines and the Russian Aeroflot have recently undergone gradual re-branding.

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