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            november 20, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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LKW Walter
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Zapolyarnyy commissioned


A new Arctic containership, Zapolyarnyy has been put in service. Zapolyarnyy is the third in a series of five cargo ships, being built to the RS class.
The earlier delivered ships Norilskiy Nickel (lead ship) and Monchegorsk are successfully operating in the Arctic. The ships satisfy the highest standards of the marine industry. The most up-to-date shipbuilding technologies are used during the construction of the ships. The unique character of the ships involves particulars of the propulsion plant and the hull that are the main component to ensure safe operation in the harsh climate of the Arctic. The Azipod azimuth thrusters enable the ship to proceed stern the first in severe ice conditions without repeated running. The hull’s ice strengthening category Arc7 means the ship can move independently through up to 1.7 m thick ice.
Having a century-long experience in survey over icebreakers and ice ships, RS develops its requirements analysing the operational data, statistical data on the ice thickness and strength parameters. RS continuously improves its rules using the latest scientific developments and technologies. Currently there have been developed requirements for polar class ships’ equipment to comply with the distinguishing mark ANTI-ICE in the class notation that indicates the design and equipment of a ship prevent the icing.
The RS main goal is to ensure high standards of the safety at sea and to minimise the negative influence of human activity on marine environment through the scientifically-based risk assessment and risk management procedures.

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