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            october 19, 2019

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Siemens increases revenue


In fiscal 2008, Siemens generated revenue of just under €19 billion – around a quarter of the company’s total revenue – with products and solutions from its environmental portfolio.  This year the range of offerings has been expanded primarily with components for wind farms. In fiscal 2007, products and solutions from the environmental portfolio accounted for €17 billion euros. Siemens expects to increase revenue from its environmental portfolio to some €25 billion by 2011 and bring about a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. “We have the most comprehensive environmental portfolio worldwide. I am looking forward to intensifying the marketing of this area with the Siemens Sectors,” said Barbara Kux, new Chief Sustainability Officer and member of the Siemens Managing Board.
Siemens initially consolidated its products and solutions for environmental and climate protection into its environmental portfolio for fiscal 2007 and had the independent auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers certify the portfolio and the methodology used in its calculation for fiscal 2007. In fiscal 2008, products and solutions from the company’s portfolio reduced customers’ CO2 emissions by another approximately 34 million tons. With the savings achieved by products and solutions installed in previous years, emissions were reduced by a total of roughly 148 million metric tons, the amount generated by per year by three megacities together – New York, London and Hong Kong. By the year 2011, these annual CO2 savings are projected to total approximately 275 million tons, an amount equal to the current emissions of six major cities – London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Rome.
Wind energy has been showing especially strong growth. In fiscal 2008 alone, the Energy Sector erected around 560 new wind turbines with a total capacity of 1,200 megawatts, increasing the installed fleet capacity by nearly 20 percent to 7,200 megawatts. The fleet currently saves around ten million tons of CO2 emissions a year. For example, the Lillgrund wind farm in the Oresund between Malmo and Copenhagen officially began operations in June this year. It is Sweden’s biggest offshore wind farm. For the first time, Siemens Energy provided the wind turbines as well as the infrastructure for the power grid connections. The 48 wind turbines, each with 2.3 megawatt capacity, produce a total of 110 megawatts – enough electricity to provide for 60,000 households. An offshore substation bundles the generated electricity and feeds it into Sweden’s power grid. 

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