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            january 28, 2020

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Czech Airlines implemented new MRO Information System


Czech Airlines has implemented a new integrated information system for aircraft maintenance administration and management, known as the MRO system (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul).  Its implementation was commenced at the beginning of last September and completed this November.  Now a period of several months will follow for the system to settle, and for processes to be stabilised and optimised.  The new process of maintenance management and planning will significantly decrease costs and improve the functioning of Czech Airlines’ Technical Division, which ensures the repair and maintenance of the airline’s own aircraft and also provides its services to external companies.  Czech Airlines thus continues to make its operations more efficient, which is a part of the OK 2006 – 2008 Revitalisation Strategy.
“The deployment of a sophisticated MRO system presents significant potential for growth in the productivity and efficiency of the work of the Technical Section and will increase Czech Airlines’ competitiveness, not only as an airline carrier, but also as an active player in the international aircraft maintenance market.  Following the completion of the very demanding implementation, this modern planning tool will improve the process of aircraft maintenance planning, allow for better utilisation of all resources, including personnel and material resources, and enable a more extensive use of the data from the reliability tracking system.  Czech Airlines strives, among other things, to significantly cut maintenance times and to reduce its warehouse stock of aircraft parts, by at least 90 million crowns,” said Czech Airlines’ Vice President for Technology, Roman Planička.  For Czech Airlines, the MRO system is one of the most significant development investments, ranging in the order of tens of millions of crowns. 
The winner of the tender for the supply of the system was the Swill-based Swiss Aviation Software Ltd., with its product AMOS.  The system keeps track of all of the particular information about Czech Airlines’ aircraft and the aircraft of external partners, such as the number of hours flown, or the age and manner of operation of the aircraft, from which are derived the requirements with respect to regular inspections and maintenance.  Work in a single integrated system will thus be far simpler, clearer, and therefore faster, than working in a number of applications, as has been done to date.  A single system also guarantees a very detailed, complete, and demonstrable record of all of the maintenance, repairs, and inspections carried out.  In the long-term, it will be easy to back-search how, and with what, outcome specific maintenance, repairs, or inspections were done on a specific aircraft or its parts, such as structural components, engines, or various electronic devices.
The new integrated system will replace a number of the hitherto used solutions, which did not allow for any further development of repair activities.  With the introduction of this modern comprehensive MRO information system, Czech Airlines will have put itself on the level of the world’s leading companies with a similar focus in aircraft maintenance management.  The AMOS system of Swiss Aviation Software is based on the practice of the most highly performing airline operators.  With the new system, the Airline should not only maintain its strong market position, but it expects that this will enable it to realise further growth in this sphere of business.
Czech Airlines’ technicians carry out regular maintenance and inspections of the Airline’s own fleet, which presently includes 52 aircraft of the following types: ATR 42/72, Boeing 737, Airbus A319, A320, A321, and A310.  It also offers its services, primarily so-called heavy maintenance, to external clients, including SAS Norway, Transavia Airlines, Air Berlin, and Lufthansa Technik.
Czech Airlines carries out technical inspections of its aircraft in line with international rules and according to the instructions issued by the manufacturer of each aircraft.  The quality and frequency of maintenance is overseen by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority.  The authorisation to carry out aircraft maintenance was issued to Czech Airlines by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  The Airline also holds a licence issued by the American civil aviation authority, the FAA.

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