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            september 21, 2019

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Companies of the Alitalia Group under extraordinary administration


The Extraordinary Administrator, Mr Augusto Fantozzi, announces that on 30 November 2008
he concluded with C.A.I. S.p.A. a Recognition and Integration Agreement for the C.A.I. Offer
made on 19 November 2008 – accepted by the Administrator on 20 November 2008 – for the
acquisition of assets and contracts relating to the flight activities of the companies in the Alitalia
Group in a.s.
In more detail, the Recognition and Integration Agreement states:
a) that the terms and conditions for the execution of the Contract are extended to 4
December 2008 after failure to complete by 30 November 2008 the conditions for the
Contract operation relating to obtaining authorisation from the competent Antitrust
Authority and issuing the Monitoring Trustee’s report;
b) that, should such conditions come about, the deed of sale for the transfer of all the
assets and contracts will be stipulated on 12 December 2008, according to the terms of
the Contract;
c) that the economic effects connected with managing the complex of assets and contracts
referred to in the Contract will pertain to C.A.I. from 1 December 2008;
d) that – should there be postponement for any reason of the date for transferring all the
assets and contracts beyond 12 December 2008 (date for stipulating deed of sale) – all
the risks and benefits as well as the positive and negative effects connected with
managing the complex of assets and contracts, will pertain to C.A.I. from 13 December
e) that C.A.I., in relation to the terms agreed upon in points c) and d) above, will make
advance payments to the companies of the Alitalia Group in a.s. starting from 12
December 2008.

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