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            september 17, 2019

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Czech Airlines will carry ice hockey players


On 18, 19, and 21 December, a Czech Airlines special will carry the Czech national ice-hockey team to Malmö and Moscow for the pre-Christmas Channel One Cup.  Czech Airlines is a long-term traditional partner of the Czech hockey team.
Czech hockey players will open the Channel One Cup on 18 December in Sweden, by playing the home team, after which they will fly to Russia for the two remaining matches with the Russian and Finnish squads.  Czech Airlines will carry the Czech team from Prague to Malmö, and from there, it will carry both the Czechs and their opponents to Moscow, and back again after the matches are over.
Czech Airlines has been cooperating with the Czech hockey team for many years, through the Asiana travel agency.  For example, it regularly carries the Czech national hockey players to world championship matches.  Czech Airlines aircraft therefore flew the most recent gold medals, from the 2005 World Championship in Vienna.  “We have chosen Czech Airlines for the carriage of the Czech hockey team primarily because it can offer the high standard of services to which the players are accustomed,” said Karin Waliczková, Supervisor of the Asiana travel agency.
Aside from the Channel One Cup, Czech Airlines will also carry hockey players, in this case both Czech and Finnish, to another part of the Euro Hockey Tour series – the February LG Hockey Games, in Stockholm.  “Czech Airlines very greatly values the trust repeatedly expressed in it by the national ice-hockey team.  Our airline therefore strives to accommodate the discerning demands of the athletes, and to offer them services of the highest quality.  It is a small part, but still, we have the opportunity to participate in their perfect preparation for their matches,” noted the Director of Charters at Czech Airlines, Zdeněk Prejzek.  Aside from the Czech national hockey team, Czech Airlines also carries, for example, the Irish rugby team, Italian football clubs, and many other athletes.

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