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            january 19, 2020

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JAL Group participates in trials of Japan emissions trading scheme


Today, the JAL Group has made the decision to participate on a voluntary basis in trials of a Japan only emissions trading scheme set up by the Japanese government.
The trial scheme runs from FY2008 to FY2012, the financial years ending March 31. Companies that volunteer to participate in the scheme must set themselves CO2 emission reduction targets for their business operations
in Japan for every financial year during the 5-year period. Targets are submitted by each company for approval by the Japanese government.
Companies that manage to achieve their CO2 emission reduction targets and exceed them can trade credits with other companies in the scheme that have not managed to meet their own targets. 
During the period of the scheme, the JAL Group has set itself for each fiscal year a target for cutting the CO2 emissions per available seat kilometer (ASK) of its Japan domestic fleet, when compared to 1990
levels. This includes all domestic operations by JAL and JAL Group airline subsidiaries HAC, J-AIR, JAC, JEX, JTA, and RAC.
The airline group is targeting a 16% cut in CO2 emissions per ASK of its domestic fleet each year up until FY2012. The percentage targets will be calculated by comparing the base fiscal year of 1990 to the average CO2 emissions per ASK of three-year periods up to and including each financial year e.g.  FY2012 % Target = average CO2 emissions per ASK for the 3 year period FY2010 - 2012 compared to 1990.
For more than 15 years, Japan Airlines has been implementing a variety of measures designed to reduce and offset the impact its business activities have on the environment.  JAL has decided to participate in
this government-led scheme as part of the airline's ongoing environmental efforts. 

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