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            september 21, 2019

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Czech Airlines to expand the options to purchase additional services


Starting in the spring, Czech Airlines will expand the possibility of purchasing additional services at check-in and on board its aircraft.  At airport check-in, passengers will be able to purchase travel insurance, lounge access, and other services.  On board, Economy Class passengers will be able to purchase certain kinds of snacks and beverages.
The Airline is responding to customer demand for the option to purchase products on board that go beyond the standard service, which continues to be provided to passengers free of charge.  Passengers will be able to purchase primarily alcoholic beverages, but also a broad selection of non-alcoholic beverages beyond the basic ones that are provided free of charge as part of the refreshments.  On offer will also be sweets and chocolate, as well as salty almonds or crackers.  Prices will be on the level usual in Czech mid-range restaurants.
Passengers will first encounter the offer of the additional sale of goods beyond the standard complimentary offer next February, on several selected routes.  If the offer meets with interest among passengers, it will be extended to all flights of over 1.5 hours, beginning in the main summer season.  On shorter flights, sales cannot be offered due to time constraints.
The scope of the offer of basic refreshments in Economy Class will remain unchanged.  There will be slight changes in individual menus.  With the new summer flight schedule, i.e., from 29 March 2009, passengers will, for example, find a changed, far richer selection of baguettes of a better quality, which Czech Airlines will purchase from a new supplier.  Czech Airlines last up-graded the refreshments for Economy Class with the start of last year’s summer season, having introduced a richer and more diverse offer of refreshments, with a meal selection better adapted to the time of day.  In Business Class, passengers can look forward to new tableware, on which the food will be served.  A more significant change in the menu is again planned with the winter season, as is traditional.
Refreshments on board Czech Airlines flights are among the best rated.  Passengers’ satisfaction with the level of refreshments is also reflected in the many awards won by the Airline.  Czech Airlines was awarded the most recent one last night: “The Best Airline in Central and Eastern Europe”, bestowed by the prestigious American magazine, Business Traveler.  On a survey, respondents rated such features as in-flight services and the selection of the airline’s target destinations.  Contributing to the winning of the award were a number of innovations that Czech Airlines has introduced to make its passengers’ flight experience more pleasant.

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