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            november 18, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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The EC's proposal on Single European Sky widely agreed


The European Commission welcomes the wide agreement of its proposal on the second Single European Sky package as received from the Transport Ministers' Council. Vice-President Antonio Tajani in charge of Transport policy states: "This is an historical moment, where we take a very important step into achieving a truly functional single European sky. It represents a very strong signal from Europe to its citizens, since this means shorter distances to travel, less CO2 emissions, less expensive tickets and safer journeys. The European Commission, now with Council's support, believes that tackling this approach from a European perspective in its entirety leads to a system that propels Europe's air traffic management into the future".
In 2004, the European Community gained competence in Air Traffic Management with a view to ensuring, in safe conditions, the development of the internal market of air transport. In June 2008 the Commission tabled a proposal aiming at reinforcing this first package. The purpose of the second Single European Sky package is to develop a truly harmonised European system of air traffic management, to reorganise traffic flows across our airspace under truly common operational rules and procedures intended to shorten distances and reduce flying times, with a view to achieving better performance and reductions in environmental impact.
The European Commission expects that the remaining issue concerning Gibraltar will be settled before the formal approval of its proposal.

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