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            october 22, 2019

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China Customs advance manifest


China Customs will enforce new rules on the advance manifest of export and import shipments with effective date 1st January 2009. The regulations apply on all shipments to and from Chinese ports excluding Hong Kong and Macau.

Import from China
In ocean freight, the advance manifest must be subimitted to China Customs by the carrier 24 hours before cargo loading. This will require the shippers to submit detailed shipment information to Ensign Freight in advance. If the shipper fails to provide the details on time the shipments will be delayed to next available vessel. Vessel cut off times will  also be re-scheduled and earlier cut off times are possible.
For airfreight shipments the information must reach China Customs latest 4 hours before cargo loading on airplane.
The new regulations require a more timely information flow from Chinese exporters to forwarders and further to China Customs and will thus speed up the sending of shipment departure details from China.

Export to China
For ocean shipments the carrier must submit the advance manifest for the approval Chinese Customs 24 hours prior to vessel departure to China. The exporter shall submit detailed shipment information to Varova export department when making the transport booking.

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