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            october 16, 2019

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Eurostar restores full timetable through Channel tunnel


Eurostar reverts to a full timetable with more frequent services and faster non-stop journeys - ideal for business travellers.
With a return to Eurostar’s fastest centre-to-centre journey times of just 1h 51 to Brussels and 2h 15 to Paris, and with first trains arriving before 09h00, business people can maximise productivity throughout the working day. 
Unlike many other travel operators who are thinning out services or cutting routes, Eurostar is increasing services up to 2008 levels – before the Channel Tunnel fire (11/09/08).  There will now be up to 19 trains per day from London to Paris and up to 10 per day to Brussels.  Eurostar is adding up to a million extra seats from 23 February to the end of the year.
In addition, there are business-focused departures from Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International stations in Kent, and a new direct Ashford – Brussels service that is also timetabled for business travel.
Richard Brown, Chief Executive, Eurostar said, “In challenging economic times, business travellers want the best flexibility, best punctuality and the best environment to work en route. Time is money and for businesses seeking to maximise value, Eurostar’s new timetable and faster journeys means a full day of productivity without the cost of overnight stays”
“Emerging booking trends indicate business day trips are again on the increase – they were up 30% in the first half of 2008 and although we do not anticipate immediate recovery to this level, it is encouraging to see positive movement in the right direction.
“Research is telling us that in tough times, customers want pricing transparency and value for money from travel operators.  They don’t want hidden extras or a reduction in service frequency.  At Eurostar we are determined to rise to the challenge of the recession and are committed to delivering on further product enhancements during 2009 and giving the best possible value to our travellers.” 
Business Premier travellers enjoy a 10 minute check-in, comfortable business lounges and dedicated coaches with meals served at seat, including an Express Breakfast option. 
The restoration of full Channel Tunnel capacity further increases Eurostar’s ability to deliver unrivalled punctuality; the first week after full capacity was restored on 10 February saw over 95.8% punctuality.  Eurostar’s punctuality for 2008 was 92.4%, against an average of 65.4% for the airlines operating on its routes, according to Civil Aviation Authority data.

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