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            january 22, 2020

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PKP PLK needs more investments


PKP PLK (Polish railway company responsible for infrastructure managament) needs 500 million PLN (1 EUR = 4,725 PLN) more for their investments. The company will have to resign from some of contracts this year, PKP PLK's president Zbigniew Szafrański informed.
According to Rzeczpospolita, PKP PLK has assessed the costs of all investments until 2013 to 27 bln PLN.
- Now we know, that we'll need 56 million PLN - Szafrański said. He claims, that the worldwide crisis is responsible for this situation. - There are also decrease of incomes, about 300 million PLN, because of bad financial situation in PKP Cargo, which pays us for access to infrastructure - PKP PLK's boss informs.
PKP PLK will resign from some investments, but it'll spend all the moneey from EU funds - over 1,07 bln PLN. The company will get also 607 million form country's budget.
- The most important projects are modernization of railtracks on Warsaw - Gdynia, Poznań - Wrocław and Warsaw - Łódź lines - Zbigniew Szafrański adds.

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