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            october 22, 2019

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Intercontainer expands network


Intercontainer-Interfrigo SA is expanding its unaccompanied combined transport network. Services on the Germany – Austria – Southeast Europe axis are being extended. A new connection has been inaugurated between Germany and Sweden, which will also act as a link between the networks in Sweden and Southeast Europe.
Intercontainer, the unaccompanied combined transport operator with headquarters in
Basel, is expanding its range of products by enhancing current services and adding
new block-trains. „Factors like quality, security and environmental concerns are becoming more and more important to our customers especially in these uncertain economic times,“ says Jochen Weber, head of Product Development and Product Management at Intercontainer. „It is for this reason that we are optimising our services and enhancing the appeal of Intercontainer’s products for customers working in line
haul operations or European networks“.

Mannheim – Sopron
The frequency of the Mannheim-Sopron Container-Express (MSCE) was increased from two to three services a week in the west – east direction in February 2009, and from three to four a week in the opposite direction.

Herne – Austria
This is a new product launched by Intercontainer on 9th March 2009, linking the Ruhr area with Austria three times a week in both directions. CTH Container Terminal Herne is an ideal, easily accessible handling centre for the Ruhr area.

Mannheim – Thessaloniki / Inoi
The existing Mannheim – Sopron service is being expanded with the addition of a direct link to Greece. Starting on 14th March 2009, an additional weekly departure is being offered in both directions.

Wels – Sopron / Southeast Europe
The frequency of the „Austrolink“ between Wels and Sopron with a connection to the Southeast European trains was increased on 9th March 2009 by a third weekly departure in both directions.

Cologne – Vienna – Sopron / Southeast Europe
This new block-train service with three departures a week in both directions was inaugurated
on 16th March 2009. The train leaves Cologne on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, stops over in Freudenau in the port of Vienna and connects with the Southeast
European network in Sopron. From there, Intercontainer trains run to Budapest, Koper, Skopje, Bucharest, Thessaloniki, Inoi and Istanbul. The train also stops in Vienna on the return journey to unload/load containers and swap-bodies.

Herne – Helsingborg / Sweden
The first block-train was operated between Herne and Helsingborg on 4th March 2009. With immediate effect, Intercontainer offers a daily overnight service from Tuesday to Friday between the Ruhr terminal and the terminal in south Sweden, and vice versa.
In Helsingborg, intermodal consignments are offered connections with Intercontainer Scandinavia AB network, to and from Gothenburg, Västeras, Norrköping, Södertälje, Eskilstuna, Borlänge and Gävle.
In Herne, Intercontainer provides reliable connections with its Herne-Sopron Container-Express to the Southeast European network, offering services to and from Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey.

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