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            october 22, 2019

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Only 28 per cent of roads modernized


Romanian public roads totalized 81,693 kilometres by the end of the last year. At that time, only 28 per cent of them were modernized and highways included only 281 kilometres, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS), Mediafax informs.
According to Nine O'clock, national roads included 16,599 kilometres (20.3 per cent), county roads included 35,251 kilometres (43.2 per cent) and commune roads included 29,843 kilometres (36.5 per cent). As for the type of coverage used for modernization in the structure of public roads, there were 22.865 kilometres (28 per cent) modernized (85 per cent of them with heavy and mastic asphalt), 22.561 kilometres were restored with light materials and 24,654 were paved. Referring to the technical qualities of public roads, the INS report showed that the time of service was expired for 47.7 per cent of the modernized highway and 60.7 per cent of the roads covered with light cement. Of all national roads, 6,073 kilometres (36.6 per cent) were European roads and 281 kilometres were highways. At the same time, 203 kilometres (1.2 per cent) had three lanes and 1,280 kilometres (7.7 per cent) had four lanes. 48.4 per cent of the county roads were covered with light cement and 50.9 per cent of the commune roads were paved.
Referring to public railways, the report showed that 10,785 kilometres were functional at the end of last year, 10,646 kilometres (98.7 per cent) of which were normally-gauged, 5 kilometres had narrow gauges and 134 kilometres (1.2 per cent) had wide gauges. The density of the lines for 1,000 square kilometres was 45.2 per mille. The highest density was registered in the Bucharest-Ilfov region (153.2 per mille), the Western region (59.1 per mille) and the Southeastern region (48.9 per mille). By the end of 2008, the length of the functional electric railways totalized 3,974 kilometres, representing 36.8 per cent of the functional highways.

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