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            october 21, 2019

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LKW Walter
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CTL Logistics transport increase


Despite the general decline of demand for train freight caused by the crisis, CTL Logistics increases its market share and transports even more goods. The workflow of CTL in Poland increased by 29% in the 1Q 2009 and the tonnage of the goods transported by the company – by 38%.
According to the recent estimates, the train freight market in Poland has declined in 1Q 2009 compared to the same period in the previous year. The tonnage of the transported goods decreased by 21% and workflow – by 13%. The main reason for decline is  decrease in foreign trade and lower industrial production.
Despite of the general downward tendency, CTL Logistics Group improved significantly the year to year freight results. 1Q 2009 brought the Carrier an increase in transported tonnage to 4 170 thousand tons (in comparison to 3 029 thousand tons in 1Q 2008) and workflow at the level of  880 008 thousand  ntkm (compared to 683 579 thousand ntkm in 1Q 2008). The cause of these outstanding results when compared to the sector numbers is mostly the increase of the coal and coke freight carried out by the Company (increase in tonnage by 55%, and workflow by 40% compared to 1Q 2008) and also fuel freight (increase in tonnage by 19%, and workflow by 27% in comparison to 1Q 2008).
„We are currently the biggest private carrier in Poland. Our market share is increasing each year – in 1Q 2009 we had almost 8% share in the tonnage transported in Poland and over 8% share in workflow. That’s a result of our cost leadership and continuous improvement of the quality of our services. Therefore, we are able to offer our customers complex and maximum efficient logistics solutions, adjusted to their individual needs.” – comments Artur Pielech, Member of the Board - Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of CTL Logistics.
In the forthcoming quarters the company plans to strengthen its position on the market. Strategy for intermodal transport is one of the projects which is to support accomplishment of this target. CTL Logistics is planning to launch an intermodal terminal in Piotrkow Trybunalski in the beginning of July. It will carry out transport and reloading services in the combined transport system, and due to favourable location and the railway station network, it will be able to accumulate shipments going in different connections in the whole train depots. At first, the terminal will carry out servicing connections with Gdynia and Gdansk, and in the future also with Hamburg and ports in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Anntwerp. Loading capacity of the terminal will amount up to 10 trains per week, and storing capacity – over 300 containers at the start.
CTL Logistics is currently also working on a new operational model for Poland – Germany transports.
„Germany is Poland`s main trading partner and the key market for us. Our main goal is to create a strong, well recognized brand on this market. We want to be the best carrier to cross the Polish-German border – both in terms of price and speed. Our offer already stands out in the market – we are the only operator, which can cross the German border without changing the engines and crosses 90% of Polish-German frontier crossing points.” – says Artur Pielech.
In Germany operates CTL Logistics` subsidiary. CTL Logistics GmbH has ca 1% share of the German market. Over 60% of this share belongs to the transportation across the Polish-German border.

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