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            october 21, 2019

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Year 2008 performance of Magyar Suzuki


Magyar Suzuki Corporation (MSC) held its yearly General Assembly with the participation of the shareholders. The GA accepted the 2008 Fiscal Report of MSC. Despite the severe market conditions of the domestic and European car industry in 2008, Magyar Suzuki Corporation managed to close the financial year with great performance. The novelty of 2008 was definitely due to its successful latest model, Splash—launched during spring—with 5912 units sold in the Hungarian market.
MSC produced 281,686 units in 2008, which is a 21,28% increase against the 232,480 unit production in 2007. Total sales of the company in 2008 were 284,547 units including sales of 2,523 imported vehicles. From MSC’s own production 22,341 units were sold in the Hungarian market (wholesales); besides the new Splash sales 8,773 Swift, 7,087 SX4 and 569 Ignis cars were sold.
The achievement of the company resulted in a total net sales income of 609,414 Million HUF from which domestic sales accounted for 87,524 Million HUF. The company managed to maintain its market leading position for 12 consecutive years with 16.7 %, in spite of the drastically shrinking Hungarian car market.
The export sales numbers also demonstrate a growing tendency with the total sales of 260,626 units of own produced cars, out of which 73,726 units of Swift, 72.206 units of SX4/Sedici and 113,276 units of Splash/Agila were sold. Net sales income of MSC was 609,414 Million HUF, out of which export and EU sales got 521,890 Million HUF.
Total sales of both export and import were 284,547 units.
In other sales areas, such as the motorcycle and outboard engine segment, stagnation could be experienced which is also reflected in the figures: a total of 4,966 motorcycle units were sold by MSC in the domestic and surrounding markets. This represented a market share of over 31 % and a market leader position for MSC in Hungary with 2,461 units sales.
The acquisition based investment of Year 2008 was 6,434 Million HUF. The yearly production plan for 2009 is about 200,000 units but this projection is continuously monitored and adjusted to the actual market demands. 

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