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            october 15, 2019

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Wilhelmsen Ships Service provides R-22 refrigerant changeover for Exmar Shipmanagement vessels


Wilhelmsen Ships Service has signed a significant contract with Exmar Shipmanagement to provide refrigerants to all the vessels in their fleet.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service technicians will visit all the vessels in the Exmar Shipmanagement fleet to examine the existing refrigerant system, and advise on the best choice of replacement refrigerant in each case. Wilhelmsen Ships Service stocks a wide range of refrigerants in its worldwide network. Of the R-22 replacements, R-417A is proving to be the most popular, as this is generally compatible with existing systems, has zero ozone depletion, and relatively low global warming potential.  
As the deadline for meeting the demands of the Montreal Protocol approaches (31 Dec 2009 for all EU vessels), ship operators are faced with a complex choice of changeover options. Wilhelmsen Ships Service is one of the leading service specialists, with a wealth of knowledge on how best to handle the concerns of the shipping industry in a practical and objective manner. 
This obvious depth of knowledge impressed the superintendents from Exmar Shipmanagement. In order to improve the environmental efficiency of their fleet, Exmar Shipmanagement have contracted Wilhelmsen Ships Service technical service specialists to ensure that all their vessels presently using R-22 will be converted to refrigerants with no ozone-depleting effects in future.  
Apart from supplying new R-417A refrigerant, Wilhelmsen Ships Service technicians will also manage the recovery of the old R-22, and check the refrigeration systems for leaks.  
Wilhelmsen Ships Service and Exmar Shipmanagement have been doing business together for many years. Exmar Shipmanagement is a member of the Exmar group. Exmar NV is a diversified and independent shipping group serving the international gas and oil industry. Apart from providing the ships for the transportation of these products, it also performs studies and undertakes the management of commercial, technical and administrative activities for the industry.

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