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            november 12, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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Wilhelmsen Ships Service dry bulk cargo specialists make strides into China


The Wilhelmsen Ship Service team, which is known as the Minerals Market Segment, is starting to make inroads into China, in particular with leading Chinese steel mills. 
Minerals Segment Sales Director Mr John Sim said today: “We have been marketing this service to major clients in China for a while including last month and we are starting to see the results.” 
The Minerals Segment team in Wilhelmsen Ships Service is headed by Mr Roy Davidson, Global Minerals Segment Manager, and comprises a team of highly motivated, market facing specialists who deal only with customers who ship dry bulk cargo including coal and iron ore. 
“Our concept is unique – we are the first global maritime services company to look at cargo handling on a market segment basis. 
“This means we have combined our ships agency with our marine products and technical services and are offering a comprehensive maritime portfolio to our customers globally,” Mr Sim added. 
He noted: “Our major customers around the world have shown a very keen interest in our concept. 
“They appreciate that getting a vessel in and out of port rapidly reduces cost and improves operational efficiency.  
“We have a service which is definable and global and we have economies of scale which are far greater than local shipping agents.” 
The Minerals Market Segment team has greatly increased its focus on China since the start of the global downturn almost a year ago. 
That is because they know that ship owners and cargo owners alike place a premium on a service which can make cost savings which go straight to their bottom lines at a time of weak freight rates.  
China is the leading player in the coal and iron ore sectors in the global market. 
Coal and iron ore, as natural resources remain one of the prime components of China’s economic development and the need to shift ever increasing volumes of it with better efficiency is a major logistics issue for many Chinese and foreign companies alike. 
Mr Sim added: “We see China as a long-term target, growing relationships and branding ourselves within the market of steel mills and energy companies. These companies are becoming convinced of our way of serving their market and we are confident our business will grow. 
“Wilhelmsen Ships Service believes that despite the financial crisis, China will remain a growth market for us.  
“The need for energy to drive manufacturing in China is expected to remain high, so it is important to keep abreast of this market and have a proactive approach.”

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